Dune uses organic, sustainable and locally grown products. We will never knowingly serve you genetically modified foods.


Organic Green Herb Falafel 9.50-
House flat bread, hummus, house pickles, marinated cabbage and onions, tahini sauce, shoestring potatoes

Pasture Raised Lamb** 11.50-
House flat bread, toum, lemon turmeric yogurt, marinated onions, seasonal greens

Pickled Beets 11.50-
Bub and Grandma’s ciabatta, toum, pickled beets, capers, kalamata olives, marinated onions, Bulgarian sheep feta, 8 minute egg, shoestring potatoes, seasonal greens
*can be made vegan

Sabich 10.50-
House flat break, fried eggplant, 8 minute egg, hummus, cucumber and tomato salad, amba, pickles, radishes, onions, tahini
*can be made vegan

Fried Chicken “Shawarma” 11.50-
House flat bread, gree-range non-GMO hormone free fried chicken, spicy toum, charmoula, pickles, radishes, market greens

Organic Chicken Souvlaki a la Plancha 10.50-
House flat bread, organic seared chicken, tahini, cucumbers, tomatoes, Bulgarian sheep feta, onions, market greens


Served with side of house flat bread, house pickles, marinated cabbage and onions, olives*, seasonal greens
Hummus 7.50-
Hummus & Egg 8.50-
Hummus & Tabouleh 10.50-
Hummus & Falafel 11.50-
Hummus & Lamb** 14.50-
Meze plate, lamb** and falafel 17-

House Pickles 8.50-
Assorted seasonal house made pickles, B+G’s sourdough toast, butter

*olives contain pits


Served on Bub and Grandma’s sourdough with organic seasonal avocados
Avocado Toast with tomato confit 8.50-
Add organic 8 minute egg 9.50-
Add organic heirloom tomato and cucumber -10
Add Bulgarian sheep feta with herbs 10-
Bocquerones 11.50-
White Mediterranean anchovy fillets with preserved lemon and pepper salsa, kalamata olives and micro greens

Salads and Sides

Tabouleh 6.50-
Classic parsley & mint salad, gluten-free organic quinoa, tomato, fresh herbs, sumac, lemon, olive oil
Village Salad 7-
Organic tomato, cucumber, onion, olive oil, lemon juice, Bulgarian sheep feta
Shakshuka 6-
Organic 8 minute egg, B+G’s sourdough toast
Balli Yogurt 7-
Organic Middle Eastern yogurt with honey, walnuts, dried apricots
Organic Dates 4.50-
Rose water, olive oil, sea salt
Spiced Almonds and Olives 5-
Falafel (2) 4-
Lamb** (3) 8-

Fried Chicken 8-

Hummus 4.50-
Bulgarian Sheep Feta 4-

Organic 8 minute Egg 1-
House Flat Bread 2-
Bub and Grandma’s Baguette 4-
Baklava 2.50-


Mountain Valley Sparkling Water 500mL 3-
Iced Moroccan Mint Tea 2.50-
Rosemary Lemonade 3.50-

Virgil’s Root Beer 4-
Mexican Sugar Coca Cola 2.50-
Organic Silk Road Chai 2.50-

Turkish Çay Tea 2-

**Allergy warning: lamb contains toasted pine nuts

This is a sample menu. Prices and items may vary.

Photo by Lucas PetersonEater LA Review | Site by Jona Bechtolt