Dune uses organic, sustainable and locally grown products where possible. We will never knowingly serve you genetically modified foods.

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Organic Green Herb Falafel, 9.5-
House flat bread, hummus, house pickles, marinated cabbage and onions, tahini sauce, shoestring potatoes

Pasture Raised Lamb**, 12-
House flat bread, toum, lemon turmeric yogurt, marinated onions, seasonal greens

Pickled Beets, 12-
Bub and Grandma’s ciabatta, toum, pickled beets, capers, kalamata olives, marinated onions, Bulgarian sheep feta, 8 minute egg, shoestring potatoes, seasonal greens
*can be made vegan

Sabich, 11-
House flat break, fried eggplant, 8 minute egg, hummus, cucumber and tomato salad, amba, pickles, radishes, onions, tahini
*can be made vegan

Fried Chicken “Shawarma”, 12-
House flat bread, Mary’s free-range non-GMO hormone free fried chicken, spicy toum, charmoula, pickles, radishes, market greens

Chicken Souvlaki a la Plancha, 12-
House flat bread, Mary’s free range seared chicken, tahini, cucumbers, tomatoes, Bulgarian sheep feta, onions, market greens


Served with side of house flat bread, house pickles, marinated cabbage and onions, olives*, seasonal greens
Hummus, 7.5-
Hummus & Egg, 8.5-
Hummus & Tabouleh, 10.5-
Hummus & Falafel, 11.5-
Hummus & Lamb**, 14.5-
Hummus & Fried Chicken, 14-
Hummus & Seared Chicken, 14-
Meze plate (Hummus, Falafel, & Chicken or Lamb**), 17-

*olives contain pits


Served on Bub and Grandma’s sourdough with organic seasonal avocados
Avocado Toast with tomato confit, 9-
Add organic 8 minute egg, 11-
Add organic heirloom tomato and cucumber, 11.5-
Add Bulgarian sheep feta with herbs, 11-
Bocquerones, 12-
White Mediterranean anchovy fillets with preserved lemon and pepper salsa, kalamata olives and micro greens

Salads and Sides

Tabouleh, 6.5-
Classic parsley & mint salad, gluten-free organic quinoa, tomato, fresh herbs, sumac, lemon, olive oil
Village Salad, 7-
Organic tomato, cucumber, onion, olive oil, lemon juice, Bulgarian sheep feta

Falafel (2 pcs), tahini sauce 4-
Lamb** (3 pcs),
lemon turmeric yogurt, toum 8.5-
Fried Chicken,
charmoula, spicy tahini, toum on the side 8.5-

Seared Chicken, tahini sauce 8.5-
Lebneh, 7-
Organic Middle Eastern yogurt with honey, walnuts, dried apricots
Organic Dates, 4.5-
Rose water, olive oil, sea salt
Spiced Almonds and Olives *olives contain pits, 5-

Hummus (8oz/12oz), 5/8-
House Flat Bread, 2-

Bulgarian Sheep Feta, 4-
Organic 8 minute Egg, 2-
House Baklava
 walnuts and saffron infused syrup, 3-


Mountain Valley Sparkling Water 500mL, 3.5-
Iced Moroccan Mint Tea, 3-
Rosemary Lemonade, 4-

Virgil’s Root Beer, 4-
Mexican Sugar Coca Cola, 3-
Organic Silk Road Chai, 2.5-

Organic Turkish Çay Tea, 2-

**Allergy warning: lamb contains toasted pine nuts

This is a sample menu. Prices and items may vary. Please contact eat@dune.kitchen with any inquiries.

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